Question 1: What is this website about?

The intend of this website is to share my experience and interests.

Question 2: What’s your background, experience and interest?

Technology and Finance Professional with passion in product development and investment to achieve financial independence.

That’s why this website is separated into 4 categories :

  • Technology (product development  & software & data science)
  • Sports (investment)
  • Finance (investment)
  • Financial Independence

Question 3: What did you learn from your experience?

My experience can be summarized to three “Key Design Principles” no matter it’s product development or investment : “SFR”:

  • FAST

For example, these principles are the core of my cheat sheets and dashboard design.

Question 4: Anything else you would like to share?

Yes. Besides work, my recreational interest includes hiking and traveling around the world.

I have reached the peak of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire twice, once through the east side trail and once through the west side trail. (Mt. Washington is the tallest mountain in the New England area)


The major city around the world I have traveled to :

9cf024dfd5c0bcb2b17f4785340145ea-san-francisco United States : LA, San Frans, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Las  Vegas, Boston, New York, …
 canada Canada : Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Vancouver.
 540px-Imagebysafa2 Mexico : Cancun.
 japan 2-xlarge Japan : Tokyo, Osaka.
 GP_HongKong China : Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing.
 Singapore_Marina_Bay_sands Singapore
 malaysia Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur