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National Parks

Since we go to national parks quite often, I thought I will be better off having my own place to stay rather than renting all the time.

The following house I have is closed to most of the Utah and Arizona national parks within 2 hours or less drive. There are a lot of national parks around : Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Antelope, etc.



Easter weekend

For this Easter weekend, I took my daughter to her first hiking trip. It was a very easy  hike in Lake Arrowhead@California.

The weather was perfect on that day, in the 80s with a warm breeze. We first stopped by the Lake Arrowhead village, where you can find lots of docking boats and many local shops and restaurants. Since it was a Easter weekend, there were a lot of families brought their kids to the village Easter event. See the picture below.


We decided to spend some time exploring the village before heading to the hiking trails.

My daughter with her cool sunglass.

Since this is my daughter’s first hiking trip, I wanted to start off something easy. Thus, we took the Heaps Peak Trail which was an easy 1 mile trail.

She’s camera shy.