In the winter of 2015, I was looking for simple, fast, professional looking R and Python cheat sheets since my work involved switching back and forth between multiple languages (R, Python, Java) as well as other non-programming/data science duties.

However, many online cheatsheets that I found were either too lengthy or too slow to scan or too boring/uncolorful. To sum, these online cheatsheets were terrible user experience.

Therefore, I decided to create engaging R and Python cheat sheets. Furthermore, I hope these cheatsheets are not only useful for me, but for other R and Python users as well.

Moreover, for the Advanced R cheat sheet, I also developed a RStudio version which was the first RStudio cheatsheet developed by 3rd-party. You can see the “Advanced R” cheatsheet (the RStudio version) on RStudio web site.

Here are some of the reviews of the cheat sheets :

“Wow, that’s awesome Sean! Can I share it with my students?” – from Professor Tai @ Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“I’m reading Advanced R and using your cheat sheet as a reference every now and then. I think it’s very good!”  – from Elias, owner of media consulting firm.


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If you like these cheat sheets, you can purchase them @Ebay (click on the link below) :

R cheat sheet

Advanced R cheat sheet

Python cheat sheet

Pandas (Python) cheat sheet


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