Product Development


My undergraduate and graduate degrees were in Computer Science. However, when I first enrolled in college, I was a Computer Engineering major. Fascination with computer programming was the reason that I switched to Computer Science after 6 months. (Computer Engineering was more hardware focus).


My first job as a software engineer involved building “Palm Pilot” software as well as the “Palm” secret product “Foleo” at the time. It was an exciting time back then for me, not only because I got to do computer programming, but more importantly, I discovered what I really love the most is product development, i.e. working with a great team of people to develop products that make an impact.


Maybe it was because going through a couple other boring software engineering job after Palm, I lost my passion for software development. I became more interested in data analytics and machine learning. I even went back to graduate school for a mathematical degree.


Real-time Dashboard with draggable widgets

However, my love for product development have never left me. At my last job, I particular enjoyed working with the team to define, design and deliver software products, as well as collecting user feedbacks and tailor changes to their needs. There was no greater satisfaction for me than watching the products made a positive impact for the clients, and I was involved in every aspect of the product development process.

Moreover, not only I enjoy building software products, I love building any products that people want. One of the free educational paper products I built were the “R” and “Python” programming language cheat sheets. Although it took me hours and hours of valuable time to complete the cheat sheets, the “awesome user experience” feedback I received from the users made the hours of work totally worth it.