Late in 2016, the software developer’s journal magazine asked me to write a few articles for them. I did not hesitate at all since I thought it would be a great way to share my experience and the pitfalls I saw during my professional career.

The first article is on “Advanced R”, in which it talks about R users not understanding the R environment will lead to badly behave and unexpected result.

– “Environments” of R

The second article is on how automation via artificial intelligence technique can reduce inefficiency and thus lead to cost reduction.

– Efficiency Improvement and Cost Reduction with Simple Text Mining Technique

Here are some of the reviews on the articles :

“Awesome article, very clear and well detailed, I liked the introduction and how it turned out to be a small demo code. The article must be in the magazine, specially as an example of how to do proper data mining.” 


Please free to take a look and let me know any comment/suggestion.