There are various ways to make extra money or save extra money. It’s really simple.

For example, you can make extra money for your everyday spending. Instead of paying cash, you pay with your credit card which has cash back rewards. See my recommended credit cards below.

Other than credit cards, you can go to online shopping portal such as Ebates to get additional cash back for your online shopping.

To save money for your everyday spending, you can make good use of Groupon or Livingsocial to get discounted prices on restaurants, services, etc.

To save money for your stock investment, you can use Robinhood to pay NO commissions.

The list goes on and on. Please see my recommended list below :

Credit Cards (extra money for your spending)

fidelity_rewards_cc Fidelity Rewards Card offers 2% cash rewards on everything.
freedom_card ChaseFreedom Card offers 5% cash rewards on rotating category each quarter. (Please note Discover Card also offers 5% cash rewards on rotating category each quarter. However, since their category is about the same each quarter and you can use Visa card in more places, Chase Freedom is preferred.)
 41CEAeArsKL._SL500_AA300_ Amazon Store Card offers 5% discount on Amazon purchases.
 textimage.img.20161108T1532258710500 Delta Airline Card offers 70,000 Delta miles which translates to 2 or 3 domestic U.S. flight tickets.

In the summer of 2015, I used 90,000 Delta miles for 2 tickets to Hawaii. The tickets would have cost $780 * 2 = $1560 if pay cash.

Online Shopping Deals

ebate You can get cashback via your online shopping. For example, if you book a hotel on, you can go through first which then redirect you to
living Groupon/LivingSocial. You can get discounted prices on restaurants, services, etc. Discounted gift card. For example, in Dec 2016, it offered 20% discount on Airbnb gift cards.  Great discount on airfare around the globe.

Brokerage / Investment

IB Interactive Brokers is the one of the most professional brokerage for retail traders and even small size hedge funds.
download Robinhood offers free U.S. stock trading, aka NO commissions. It says it’ll extend no commission trading to Australia is Late 2017.


Vanguard offers one of the lowest cost index funds.